Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia are the final decorative touches that create a classic finish to the exterior of your home. While new siding, stucco or brick makes a big impression, don't overlook what soffit and fascia can do for a house. These materials give extra value while eliminating the need to paint. Suntec Aluminum uses soffit materials which are available in vinyl or aluminum with matching colors in aluminum fascia. The addition of soffit & fascia helps in adding the finishing touches to the appearance of your home as well as eliminating some future maintenance. That's why professional installation is highly recommended by a licensed contractor such as Suntec Aluminum. When looking for a quality installation company, look no further than our team.

Whether part of a full-scale roofing project or as a standalone beautification project, Suntec Aluminum, can provide your home with expert soffit and fascia solutions. We can provide both repair and initial installation for your home. Our options include vinyl or aluminum, and there are many colors to choose from. For most builds, we can ensure proper ventilation for your attic area while blocking water infiltration and completing the look of your home, all in a maintenance-free package.